Nemean Engineering Group is one of the most respected engineering companies in Pennsylvania. We are a Pittsburgh based engineering firm that has helped clients throughout the United States. Our focus is on innovative solutions through the use of robotics, machine learning and additive manufacturing.

We specialize in medical device hardware product development! We started as a robotics company and evolved to become a leader in medical device development. At the Nemean Engineering Group, we guarantee the quality of our engineering work. 

Innovative  Solutions for Your Business


A Different Approach

At the Nemean Engineering Group, we are a value based culture backed by over a decade of engineering experience. 


Unique Solutions

 We understand each project is unique. Robotics, machine learning and additive manufacturing have made new threats and opportunities for your business. Let us show you how these new tools can help you grow!

Quality Over Quantity

One of our licensed professional engineers will be responsible for your project’s success. We have learned that this personal touch from our best engineers, medical researchers, and pharmacists is the guarantee for your success.

Customer Testimonials

Andy Collins
Bechtel Marine Propulsion Corporation

“Andre was involved with the management of a number of our projects where he had to interface with various groups, engineers, and managers in different disciplines. His positive attitude, professionalism, and dedication to achieving a superb product was integral to keeping our projects on task and technically sound. For six years, I worked with Andre supporting the design and production of electromagnetic control mechanisms for the United State Navy at BMPC. An inquisitive mind, Andre wants to learn the ins and out of any problem he faces. He will persevere to provide the best service and was a pleasure to work with.”